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Hexagonal Dumbbell Support Ziva 2 Sizes

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SKU: ZIVA-0084
By Ziva
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The " Ziva " Hexagonal Dumbbell Holder is a piece of equipment specifically designed for the storage and organization of hexagonal dumbbells. It is available in two and three different heights , which allows it to be adapted to the space and capacity needs of each user.


  • The support is made of high quality steel . A material that guarantees its durability and resistance . In addition, it is coated with a scratch and corrosion resistant black synthetic paint finish , which contributes to its long life.
  • The stand's design is compact and space-efficient , making it easy to place in gyms, personal training studios, or even homes. It has a solid and stable structure that can support the weight of the dumbbells without deforming or wobbling.
  • The " Ziva " Hex Dumbbell Rack has a staggered arrangement of shelves, allowing dumbbells to be arranged on different levels . This makes it easier to access and see the dumbbells, avoiding the need to move other dumbbells to reach the ones at the bottom.
  • Each level of the stand features slots or shelves that are designed to accommodate the hex dumbbells. These slots are sized specifically for standard size hex dumbbells and ensure a secure and stable fit.
  • In addition, the " Ziva " Hex Dumbbell Rack has additional features, such as rubber groove protectors , which prevent dumbbell slippage and reduce the risk of damaging the dumbbell coating.

Material: Coated steel.

Color: Subject to stock availability at the time of purchase.

Sale: Per unit. Does not include dumbbells.

Available sizes:

  • Support 2 heights: 12 dumbbells.
  • Support 3 heights: 18 dumbbells.
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