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Chic Turquoise Medicine Ball ZIVA From 2 kg to 6 kg

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SKU: ZIVA-0019
By Ziva
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The Turquoise Chic Medicine Ball from the " Ziva " brand has been designed for functional training . This medicine ball is complete and versatile and opens up an endless number of exercises that you can perform. From strength exercises to work gluteal or abdominal arms, exercises focused on rehabilitation... or cardiovascular exercises to burn calories.

Characteristics :

  • Materials : The medicine ball is built with a durable synthetic leather outer cover, which offers a good grip and prevents slipping during use. Inside, it has a padding of soft material that cushions impacts.
  • Weights : Ziva's medicine ball is available in different weights , allowing users to select the right resistance level for their training needs and goals. In general, the available weights range from 2kg to 6kg.
  • Seams : The medicine ball's seams are taped to withstand stress and pressure during throwing, hitting and lifting exercises. They are reinforced with strong and resistant threads to guarantee the structural integrity of the ball.
  • Size : The size of the medicine ball can vary depending on the weight . As weight increases, the diameter of the ball also tends to increase to maintain its shape and proper weight distribution.
  • Grip : The surface of the ball is designed with textures or grooves to provide a secure, non-slip grip . This allows users to have optimum control of the ball during exercises and reduces the risk of slipping out of their hands.
  • Versatile Use : Medicine balls are versatile and can be used for a wide range of exercises, including throws, punches, sit-ups, squats, stretching, and balance training.

Material: synthetic leather.

Turquoise Color.

Available weights: 3, 4, 5, and 6kg.

Sale: Per unit.

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