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Elliptical Trainer IndoorWalking 3 "The Original" IndoorWalking

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The Elliptical Indoorwalking 3 "The Original" from the " IndoorWalking " brand is a compact and elegant machine that is designed to improve movement . It ensures the correct level of knee flexion during the transition phase, obtaining the appropriate distance of movement for each user and guaranteeing the necessary adjustments for each position, among other premises.


  • Unlike other upright training devices, such as elliptical machines, the Indoorwalking system uses speeds of up to 100 steps per minute in which the upper body is actively involved. This type of activity places great stress on the materials due to the intensity of the exercise, which is why Indoorwalking is manufactured under a highly resistant structure.
  • The data management system has all the elements to control and manage personal data during the session.
  • On one side is the speed sensor that provides information on steps per minute (SPM), average SPM, and maximum value. It also provides information on speed, average speed and maximum speed.
  • The wireless heartbeat system receiver provides valuable information about heart rate, average heart rate and maximum values. Compatible with the POLAR TM band.

Technical characteristics:

  • Oversized steel structure designed for maximum stability.
  • New high resistance chrome finish.
  • Handlebar with two levels of regulation.
  • Handlebar height and proximity adjustment.
  • Direct resistance with special progression for indoor walking.
  • Emergency break.
  • Minimum distance between poles.
  • Cup holders on both sides.
  • All settings can be accessed from the exercise position.
  • Easily transportable.
  • Information screen with heart rate, distance, walking speed etc...
  • Measures 1.25m wide x 0.5m long, height adjustable.
  • Weight 72 kg.

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