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Step Plus Matrix Connexus

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The Connexus Step Plus model, from the " Matrix " brand. It is a step designed to improve physical performance.

The main feature of this product is that it is a multifunctional step platform and not an ordinary step, which allows you to strengthen all the muscles of the body, especially the core , and work on balance . This tool also offers the possibility of doing high-intensity cardiovascular work , since with it we can perform exercises such as mountain climbers, jumping step ups or burpees, among others, as well as a multitude of strength exercises.

Other features that may interest you are:

  • Its different grips allow you to place both feet and hands to increase the degree of intensity and difficulty of each exercise.
  • Its non-slip , removable and contoured surface allows you to simulate the qualities of any air step but with greater advantages since it does not need inflation.
  • It is 33 cm high, which allows the work of more complex leg exercises such as Bulgarian squats, plyometrics or the front foot elevated squat.
  • Its surface measures 59 cm in length X 30.4 cm in width, measurements optimized for strength work, balance and maximizing performance.
  • Its aluminum legs make it a very resistant structure and with a weight of 8.4 kg, ideal for doing strength and resistance work.
  • It has a modern and minimalist design that allows easy storage .
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