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Body Pump Pack GiveMeFit 30 mm

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We present you the 30 mm Body Pump Pack from the " GiveMeFit " brand! Especially indicated for body pump work or aerobic physical training combined with loads.

This complete set of body pump will allow you to tone the muscles, both of the upper body and the lower body , at high intensities to burn fat and take your physical condition to another level. The geometric shape of its discs is designed to obtain total security , preventing the discs from rolling when resting them on the surface.

What are the main features of the Body Pump 30 mm Pack ?

  • Ease of use : Assembly is very simple, thanks to the fact that the discs incorporate handles that facilitate grip.
  • Adaptability : Ideal for both home and gym workouts. The geometry of the discs together with the rubber material reduce the impact on non-technical surfaces.
  • Save space : By being able to adjust the weight on a single bar, you will save space and enjoy a more organized and functional training area. If you have limited space at home or at the gym, this is perfect for you.
  • You can perform : upper and lower body exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, military press or bent over row.

The Body Pump 30 mm Pack of the brand " GiveMeFit " includes:

  • 1 Bar 30 mm weight (2 kg) length (1.40 m) designed to withstand high loads , with great resistance to wear and humidity.
  • 3 pairs of discs , available in two diameters , of different weights differentiated by colors. They are designed to guarantee the maximum comfort for the user, improving their grip and covered with rubber and resistance to impacts .
  • Two 1.25 kg discs.
  • Two 2.5 kg discs.
  • Two 5 kg discs.
  • Two bar stops to secure the load.
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