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Reax Fluiball 16 Reaxing Unity

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By Reaxing
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We present you Reax Fuiball 16 of the brand " Reaxing " A new training method and a new way of training to react!

Reaxing is the first company in the world to have developed a training method and product line using the "Sudden Dynamic Impulse" technology.

Reaxing training is the first and only method in the world based on the gradual release of monitored impulses , through tactile, light and sound stimulation and/or sudden motor interference. The athlete or patient is forced to activate rapid neuromuscular reactions. This unpredictability increases training performance to a much higher level in terms of quality and quantity. As a consequence, athletic performance improves, as does metabolic activity , muscle responsiveness, and the reliability of post-trauma recovery, while at the same time reducing the risk of injury . Reaxing training is versatile and easily customizable in terms of resistance and strength. These features make it for almost all users.

It is the first neuromuscular training ball that allows you to work with a variable load .

The unpredictability of the water turns any exercise into a truly intensive neuromuscular training activity.

Reax Fluiball exploits the patented «Sudden Dynamic Impulse» technology for the first time, it is possible to generate tactile stimulations and motor interference during a training activity. These impulses enhance movement, forcing the athlete to much higher muscle activation .


  • Fluid inside : The fluid destabilizes any exercise, creating an unstable environment during each movement. Each related weight and diameter is identified by a specific color.
  • Durable : The technology used to make the Reax Fluiball ensures that it is durable, safe, easy to clean and looks good for longer.
  • Soft Impact : Due to the soft nature of the Reax Fluiball, it is a one-of-a-kind functional tool. You can throw it, pick it up or hit it without damaging surfaces.
  • Versatile: Different weights and diameters allow the user to customize their training programs, enhancing any workout beyond standard products.
  • Fun :Reax Fluiball makes any movement fun, interesting and different.

Helps to improve

  • Strength : Enhance any strength training by adding an unpredictable load.
  • Agility : Develop neuromuscular coordination in any training.
  • Balance : Proprioception training is enhanced by the unstable properties of the ball.
  • Resistance : It is an aid to add difficulty to any training.

What are the benefits that make Fluiball a unique product?

With its proprioceptive and unpredictable qualities, Reax Fluiball can be used in any training to improve difficulty through instability:

  • Improves strength and stamina .
  • Improve coordination .
  • Improves balance .
  • Improves metabolic consumption .
  • Improves sports performance .
  • Reduces the risk of injury .

Indicated for:

  • High performance : Unstable conditions enhance the benefits of functional training, which require constant neuromuscular activation.
  • Fitness : Reax Fluiball replaces standard training tools and can be used for any type of training program.
  • Rehabilitation : From prevention to strengthening programs, Reax Fluiball is dynamic, functional and highly intensive in terms of proprioception.
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María Jesús Marin Diago
2 kgs reax fluiball

Perfectos para trabajar con ellos.

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